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The Ultimate Payroll & Compensation Solution.
Payroll management system for efficient companies

Payroll made easy: multiple currencies, countries and companies in one central platform.

With a cloud based HR and payroll software, you can cut costs on international payroll services and solutions. Whether you are a small company or an enterprise, and whether you are looking for local or international payroll processing, you will not need to outsource your payroll, and save time and remain compliant with local laws and WPS. 

Payroll & Compensation
Borderless Payroll for the Multinational Company.
Multi-country payroll
Get a comprehensive and centralized platform for all payroll-related tasks, including compliance, taxes, and benefits.
Enhance overall accuracy and reliability of your payroll management by automating processes and reducing human error.
Easily manage payroll for employees in multiple countries and currencies, saving time and reducing errors.
The Payroll Automation Pro.
WPS payroll automation's WPS feature automates the payroll process, meaning you can set it up once and let the system handle the rest, while ensuring your company’s compliance with local regulations.
Free up your team to focus on other tasks, instead of spending hours on payroll processing.
Automation reduces the chance of human error and ensures accurate payroll calculations every time.
The Payroll Data Wizard.
The Payroll Data Wizard
Obtain valuable insights and analytics for better payroll decision making, improving the overall effectiveness of your payroll management.
Generate customized and detailed reports for better understanding of payroll data, increasing transparency and accountability.
Enhances the overall transparency and accountability of payroll processes by providing real-time data and reports, accessible to all relevant parties.
The Expense Management Master.
Expenses management
Streamline and automate expense management processes and approvals, improving efficiency and productivity.
Enforce compliance with company policies and security of expense management by customizing approval workflows.
Reduce the risk of overspending and fraud by having control over expenses, improving budgeting and financial planning.
The Loan Hero.
Loan management
Automate loan disbursal and repayment, reducing the administrative burden and improving efficiency.
Provide real-time visibility into loan status and repayment history, making it easier to track and manage loans.
Provide employees with a range of loan options, helping them to meet their financial needs and improve overall well-being.

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