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People Management

The Superhero of HR Tasks

Everything you need to keep your employee and company files organized, all while gaining real-time access into team insights and asset locations.

People Management
People Management
Your company’s self-service portal.
Employee Self Service Profiles and Data
Get real-time visibility of all employee data, from contact information to performance metrics, all in one place.
Easily track employee progress and identify areas of improvement, with customizable performance metrics.
Quickly access employee information and documents, with the ability to set permissions and access controls.
People Management
The filing cabinet of the 21st century.
Documents management
Streamline document storage and retrieval, with all employee-related documents in one central location.
Ensure compliance with automated document expiration and renewal reminders.
Easily track document history, with version control and access logs.
People Management
The blueprint of your company's structure.
Organization charts
Visualize the structure of your organization and understand the flow of communication and responsibilities.
Easily identify areas of overlap or understaffing, and make informed decisions about re-organizing your team.
Provide new hires with an interactive and up-to-date organizational chart to help them navigate the company structure.
People Management
The crystal ball of your team's performance.
Team Insights and Reports
Gain valuable insights into team performance, with real-time data and customizable metrics.
Identify trends and patterns in employee behavior, and make data-driven decisions about team management.
Easily share team performance reports with stakeholders, with customizable report templates.
People Management
The GPS of your company's assets.
Asset Management
Track and manage all company assets, from laptops to office furniture, in one central location.
Reduce costs and improve efficiency by identifying underutilized assets and making strategic decisions about replacements and upgrades.
Get a bird's-eye view of all company assets and their usage, so you can make informed decisions on replacements and upgrades

The Digital Heartbeat of Your Organization.

Enhance productivity by centralizing employee data management, automating payroll processing, monitoring performance, and more on one single platform – all while benefitting from’s unbeatable customer service.

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