Intelligent Time Tracking
The Ultimate Time Management & Attendance Solution.
Time & attendance management software for a smarter workforce
Time Attendance

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

Having control of work hours and shift schedules is easier using palm.hr’s cutting edge technology. Start optimizing your company’s time management and make informed decisions using real time data and insights.

Time & Attendance
Time Attendance
Timekeeping on the go.
Mobile check-in & check-out
Say goodbye to paper timesheets and hello to seamless check-in and check-out with just a tap on your mobile device - from anywhere!
No more buddy punching or manual data entry errors. palm.hr's mobile check-in feature with biometrics verification ensures accurate time tracking for all employees.
Easily track attendance, punctuality, and employee check-in locations all in one place with palm.hr's mobile check-in feature.
Time Attendance
One-Stop-Shop for Time Off & Absence Management.
Time off / absence & leaves
palm.hr's time off and absence feature allows managers to easily approve or deny leave requests with just a click, while ensuring compliance with company policies
Eliminate confusion and misunderstandings by having all leave information in one central location with palm.hr's time off and absence feature.
With real-time updates and notifications, you'll always be aware of who's out of the office and when, allowing for seamless coverage and productivity.
Time Attendance
Your Key to Unlocking Productivity.
Time tracking & insights
Get real-time visibility into your team's time and attendance with palm.hr's time tracking feature.
Easily identify patterns and trends in employee productivity with palm.hr's in-depth time tracking insights.
Make data-driven decisions with palm.hr's time tracking feature that provides you with the information you need to optimize your workforce.
Time Attendance
The Digital Shift Master.
Work scheduling & shift planning
Effortlessly plan and schedule your team's shifts with precision, ensuring coverage and maximizing productivity.
Eliminate the headache of manual scheduling with real-time updates and notifications for shift changes and conflicts.
Streamline communication and collaboration among team members and managers with the ability to easily swap, pick-up and drop shifts.
Time Attendance
Virtual Management for Virtual Teams.
Virtual Management for Virtual Teams
Easily track and manage remote employee attendance, productivity, and location with palm.hr's remote work management feature.
Improve remote employee engagement and retention with palm.hr's remote work management feature that keeps remote workers connected to the company culture.
Track and monitor remote employee productivity with customizable reports and time tracking features, ensuring that your remote team is staying on task and meeting goals.

The Digital Heartbeat of Your Organization.

Enhance productivity by centralizing employee data management, automating payroll processing, monitoring performance, and more on one single platform – all while benefitting from palm.hr’s unbeatable customer service.

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