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Employee Profiles

It’s finally time to say goodbye to paper & spreadsheets! With PalmHR, all employees have their individual profiles & all their data is up to date and in one place. As a cloud solution, you can access the platform from anywhere, anytime!

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Store personal information, educational background and contact details


Track employment details and history such as benefits, visa and dependent information


All salary & financial history in one place. Track “End of Service” balances and transaction details


Drag & Drop Employee Documents, track their expiry dates and assign access rights


Take notes on performance and achievements as a basis for evaluation and succession


Track all employee assets, register handover & return dates and get notified on any changes

Time Off

Assign & create custom time off policies and always be on top of vacation & leave balances

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Time Attendance

Discover a whole new way of capturing your teams’ presence. Define custom work schedules and combine traditional tracking methods with the versatility of mobile devices.

Work Schedules

Set fixed & flexible work schedules for different departments, projects & locations

Time Tracking

Register when employees arrive & leave and keep track of working hours

Holidays & Leaves

Set public holidays and easily get the full picture when people are out of office

Attendance & Absences

Get informed when employees are absent, late or have left work too early


Register overtime if wanted and keep track of all hours worked

Calendar Overview

Want to see the full picture? No problem – easily switch between weeks & months

Free your time

71% of HR Managers are spending more time on business issues not related to HR or talent development

Corporate Leadership Council


Imagine a payroll solution that is fully linked to all your organization’s HR processes. All changes, adjustments and corrections that have salary implications are automatically considered in the next payroll, all that is missing is your approval.

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Wage Protection System

Automatically generate WPS bank files ensuring full GOSI compliance while allowing for alternative payment methods

Vacation Salaries

Allow your staff to request vacation salaries via leave requests, automatically generating the payment and subsequent deduction


Lets you monitor loan balances with each pay cycle and adjust the repayment schedule if needed

Additions & Deductions

Completely customize addition and deduction types and combine them with requests and automated processes

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Employee Self Service

Bring the idea of employee self-service to the next level by giving your team access to their information, let them manage their requests and tasks and keep everyone in the loop via custom notifications.

My Tasks

Get a clear overview and notifications of requests pending your approval

Employee Requests

Submit & keep track of time off, business trip and loan requests

Onboarding & Offboarding

Easily on- or offboard employees and make sure their transition runs smoothly

Change Tracking

The system integrity of PalmHR is key, therefore every change & request is registered and tracked

PalmHR Support

Facing any issue in the system? We are right there with you and will respond within hours


With just a few clicks you can access beautifully designed interactive reports that cover everything from simple leave balances to detailed employee data metrics.

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Our PalmHR dashboard beautifully displays the most frequently needed HR reports

Saudization Report

Stay on top of your Saudization rate and know if you need to take action to keep your status

Easy Data Export

Download all your system data easily with our one-click export functionality

Updates in real-time

All reports are updated instantly & in real-time as soon as something has changed

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Succession Planning

PalmHR helps your organization move from a reactive employee substitution approach towards an innovative, systematic & proactive succession planning model - enabling leaders to determine critical roles and identify high-potential employees.

Identify Critical Job Roles

Actively manage critical job roles of your organization and alert management on high talent risks

Assessment Process & Reminders

Easily identify, evaluate & promote top performers. Receive automated reminders about pending tasks

Succession Pipelines

Clearly see if and at what time and the employee is ready to take on responsibilities to plan ahead and minimize exposure

Individual Development Plans

Automatically generate individual development plans and assign L&D measures to reach desired outcomes

Reduce Your Costs

Companies with newly upgraded HR systems see cost savings of 22% per employee

Bersin by Deloitte

Performance Management

We believe innovative & enjoyable employee evaluations & goal tracking are key drivers of personal & company growth. Discover how performance management can become an intuitive experience.

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Goal Management & Tracking

Define, monitor & track employee objectives & KPIs as a basis for performance evaluation


Our innovative employee evaluations that encourage action and limit subjectivity

Continuous Feedback

PalmHR establishes a constant feedback loop that effectively reduces time spent on appraisals

Performance Dashboard

Get a birds-eye-view on employee engagement & how people perform and feel

Automated Reminders

PalmHR sends automated reminders to everyone involved to help the process run smoothly

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Learning & Development

PalmHR provides you with a framework to actively promote your staff’s professional and personal development. Integrate industry standard external resources or create your own company specific e-learning assets.

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Development Goals

Assign desired development goals to positions based on job descriptions and monitor their achievement

External Resources

PalmHR comes pre-integrated with the Team2030 academy or easily activate a variety of external learning providers

Tailor to your needs

Upload your own learning content or make use of the PalmHR advisory to design courses on your behalf

Engaged Learning

Give your staff the opportunity to share learning outcomes and gamify the learning experience

HR strategy

Ready to take your HR department to the next level? Check out our advanced features.

HR core

Ready to take your HR department to the next level? Check out our core features.

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