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10 Reasons why PalmHR is the best software for your business

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Free your time

Our solution streamlines your daily HR activities and gives you the time you need to focus on what’s really important – your team! Employees have easy access to their data and most operational processes are automated.

Be in Control

One of the main characteristics of successful managers is to be in full control of their responsibilities. Our PalmHR solution brings clarity, transparency & structure to your organization and ensures you are updated on every HR issue.

Improve Communication

Easily design and share company announcements and be sure all employees are on the same page. Communication is key, and our custom notifications let you manage the entire flow of information.

Engage Employees

Engaging your team is proven to increase individual efficiency and improves your corporate culture overall. By making HR an experience, PalmHR ensures your employees get involved and seamlessly adopt the software.

Access anytime, anywhere

As a web based cloud solution, all employees are able to access the system no matter where they are. With our PalmHR mobile apps your team can submit requests, get in touch with colleagues and stay up to date with recent announcements.

Stay compliant

With labor law compliance becoming increasingly important, PalmHR offers you tools to actively manage your exposure. Our monthly client newsletter keeps you updated on the changing regulatory environment.

Founded in Saudi Arabia

The idea of PalmHR was born in Saudi Arabia. We are here to stay and are 100% established & incorporated in the Kingdom. We love being part of the solution, leveraging technology to solve big problems and bring about real change.

Highest Security Standards

At PalmHR, we take your data & privacy very seriously and have adopted security measures going way beyond the legal requirements in the Middle East. Constant backups ensure your data is safe and cannot be exposed.

Eliminate Mistakes

Clear access rights & approval processes create a structure that eliminates the room for mistakes & errors. Every change made in the system is tracked and you can replicate everything that happened immediately.

Dedicated Support

As our client, you will receive a dedicated support agent who is there to assist you with any issues you may have with the system. We consider you as partner and value your input to constantly improve our solution.

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