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Explore how great software manages your HR functions, develops your people and transforms your corporate culture.

  • Employee Profiles

    It’s finally time to say goodbye to spreadsheets. Have all your employee data in one place and access it anywhere, anytime.

  • Time Attendance

    Discover a whole new way of capturing your teams’ presence. Define custom work schedules and combine traditional tracking methods with the versatility of mobile devices.

  • Payroll

    Create a fully Wage Protection System compliant payroll with one click. All additions, deductions and changes to your payroll are automatically generated by prior request approvals.

  • Employee Self Service

    Give your team access to their information, let them manage their requestsand tasks and keep everyone in the loop via custom notifications.

  • Reporting

    With just a few clicks you can access beautifully designed interactive reports that cover everything from simple leave balances to detailed employee data metrics.

  • Performance Management

    Make evaluating your staff’s performance a breeze. With automated reminders on required actions, follow ups and tailored appraisal forms.

  • Succession Planning

    Start identifying high potential employees today. Create succession pipelines and adopt a proactive succession planning approach.

  • Learning & Development

    Your company is only as good as its people. Define individual development plans to reach desired learning outcomes.

Feature on a laptop Feature on a laptop

It’s finally time to say goodbye to spreadsheets. Have all your employee data in one place and access it anywhere, anytime.

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PalmHR structures and automates all tasks involved in modern HR so that you can focus on what really matters: Your people!

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We take all the tasks involved in HR management, automate them for you and free your time to focus on what really matters: Your people!

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71% of HR Managers are spending more time on business issues not related to HR or talent development.

Mohhamad Bin Saleem
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Mohhamad Bin Saleem

Founded in KSA

The idea of PalmHR was born in Saudi Arabia. We are here to stay and are 100% established & incorporated in the Kingdom. We love being part of the solution, leveraging technology to solve big problems and bring about real change.

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